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Drop Suggestions Here.


inb4 >ace


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bastards i said suggestions not memes


Better hire some jannies.


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I'm aware that we want to keep the mod list as small as reasonably possible, but we already have some cosmetic mods like ACRE animations so I don't think it's out of the line to suggest some muh immershion mods:


It allows you to raise or lower your weapon and it also automatically forces the character to lower/raise his weapon next to walls and obstacles.
The animations look decent and I think it would make CQB a little bit more interesting.


More satisfying recoil when shooting static weapons and visual cues for nearby explosions and when people shoot next to you, I think it goes well with ACE to make shooting feel more impactful.
*the seizure after every shot option ("Force") should be turned off


This mod was made specifically for the ACE trenches/fighting position, it just make them blend in better with the environment and look less like an eyesore, maybe it will get us to use them more often when necessary.

I don't think any of these mods should change the gameplay too much to turn people off and they all have really small filesizes (15mb at most) as well.


Let's have something spooky for Halloween month


Will Do.


I'm sure you already had your ideas for spooks but this on the front page of the workshop looks AMAZING. Check it out and if any are good, would love to see them incorporated


requesting the server be set to a persistent session of Vindicta on Tanoa while not doing ops


increase the ace waking up chance for less time uncon and more dramatic last stands
also quik-cloth aint
that quik, feels pretty useless
liberation is more fun though


Test Post


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any possibility for an alternative LMG for the Autorifleman role? the FN MAG has a minimum range of 300 meters which makes engagements at close quarters annoying due to the fact that you'll be firing over the enemy most of the time


remove shack tac pls its cringe and not tactical, just make it optional since server is open key
also stop ripping mods you nigger


i'll make shacktac optional that's no problem as for "ripping" mods i don't claim they are mine and nobody but the people playing on the server will ever bother downloading that pack also i can't even do without it since the server stops broadcasting mods after about 30 or so and the compilation mod contains at least 15 sub 100kb tweak mods


can we disable combat deafness, tinnitus and the need for earplugs?
earplugs are just a chore that add nothing to the game.
the only time you notice the negative effects caused by not wearing them is when you forget to put them on.
it's a dumb gimmick.


tinnitus has been disabled for a long time i might do a weekend with combat deafness disabled fully and see how it goes


Why is >>>/misc/ kill?


misc is kill due to CP


Add some beret to the arsenal please.


Gimme my M14 with a rail back!


Oh and also if there's some mod that has ear wear that doesn't require me to have laws of war. or maybe I'll just buy laws of war someday.


night vision goggles are still broken


File: 1615762827850.jpg (19.8 KB,400x400,wooooooo profile.jpg)

Please add this to the shoulder patches list, please and thank you.

I just want to look like a cool faceless goon, man.


Can we get the rest of LAMBS? We are currently only using LAMBS_RPG. LAMBS_Danger improves the AI and speeds up making missions. I especially like the changes to artillery, it makes the AI able to dynamically use artillery beyond line of sight. They use spotters and fire a ranging shot (Like bracketing fire) before hitting their target which strikes a good balance between game play and realism. LAMBS_Suppression makes suppressive fire more effective against the AI.



Lambs_Turrets increase the dispersion of static guns used by the AI, I like the change, but I can live without this one.



All of them are smaller than a megabyte.


We used to use lambs danger but i found that it just made the AI disperse too much leading to the AI being picked of one by one as they wander about all alone ignoring the fact they are in a squad.

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